Our History

The first "bicycle" appears in 1490 in some drawings by the Italian inventor Leonardo Da Vinci, but the official date of his birth is 1817 in Germany and since then the bicycle has been the most popular and used vehicle in the world, with over a billion of circulating units. There have been many transformations over the years and one of these was the evolution to the electric bicycle.

Today GhiGO is part of this evolution; our young experience, coupled with the passion for this vehicle and attention to the customer is at your disposal, offering folding electric bikes with pedal assistance and an innovative wheel that transforms your bike into a real e-bike.
Your future moves effortlessly, during your free time or to go to work, without polluting, in total flexibility and freedom.

Choose GhiGO Moving Future.

Four features in common between all our products:


Sustainable Mobility

All our products runs electric motors. It means that we work with Zero emissions.


Qualità Certificata

High quality standards, certifications and ''Made In Italy'' are the core of our products


Safe for the envirnment

Be free to ride your bike anywhere, without polluting the environment around you


Unique design

With a modern and aggressive design, our products will blow people's mind

Our Partners